Monday, March 8, 2010

32 weeks and more

32 weeks!

We seem to have been super busy for the past 2 weeks.  Between trying to get the house "baby-ready" and people coming to visit with us, and us visiting people - we just have been going, going, going.  We had Jenna's birthday at the bowling alley on post, and the kids had so much fun.  Livea is still randomly saying "I want to go bowling again!"  We all had a lot of fun, we will definitely have to go bowling when you get home.  I need to post some of those pictures on here before we leave for Phoenix.  Hopefully, with nothing left in the house to clean, I will be motivated to do that.  Adam also found the disk with the fire department field trip pictures on it (yay!).  We are heading to Taekwondo this morning so that we can go to visit Kurt and Heather and their sweet little baby tomorrow.  It'll work out better to go to the homeschooling class anyway since the other class is on Thursday morning.

I still haven't finished cleaning the carpets, but as soon as I am done here I am heading out to do just that.  For real this time!  I left the carpet cleaner out for a week now thinking I would get to it every day.  I want to put that thing away!

Our trip to the Cosmosphere this week is our highlight of the week - well, I guess that and Phoenix!!  The 2 and a half day drive is becoming more daunting to me as the time approaches.  But I am still excited!  Mostly excited there is no d-o-g to worry about for the trip, ahhhhhhhhhh.  You won't ever even comprehend what less amount of stress there is on me now, I just can't even explain how much I fretted over what she was doing  a l l  d a y, e v e r y  d a y.  Alas, no more!  I am free (and I honestly feel free!).  The funny thing is, someone rang the doorbell at 8:30 last night.  I said "who is it?" nothing.  I said "who is it???" again, and I hear a woman's voice say "it's your neighbor."  Uhh, ok, what neighbor?? I know all our neighbors.  So I say "what neighbor??" lol.  She says "I live on Oakwood," hmmm, so I just open the door.  I'm paranoid like that I guess.  I mean it was dark.  So she asks if we have a boxer.  What????  I tell her no.  She said, "oh really," like she didn't believe me, "because the neighbor behind you said that you guys have a boxer," ha.  So I told her we did, but I just gave her up last week.  She was skeptical.  I asked why and she says she found a boxer wandering around.  Brindle, white face, will sit, lay, stay on command, really dirty and very thin.  I said, I don't have any idea whose dog it could be.  Told her our dog's name, but told her that I also paid my fee to the shelter, and I am not taking her back if she does answer to the name Roxie. lol.  She then lectured me how she would never take her to the shelter because after 30 days it doesn't matter what kind of dog it is, they will kill them.  I told her that the shelter told me that pure-bred boxers never stay longer than a few days, never more than a week, and that is why I wasn't worried about it.  She then repeated how they kill dogs like 5 more times.  I told her to go take her to the pound and see if she has a microchip.  She mentioned how the dog didn't have a collar, and what kind of pet owner would not put a collar on their dog, but how she hopes she can find the owner because she already has 3 dogs and 4 children, and doesn't want another one.  She starts telling me I should have just kept Roxie in the backyard because "that's what she does" and she doesn't worry about them at all (I mention that I don't want my screens nor my screen door tore up and she says she took all hers off, as she doesn't ever open the windows anyway, lol).  Well, why have dogs if you just want to not worry about them in your backyard all day every day?  What is the point?  I could have done that too I suppose, but boxers can't stay out in the winter "all day".  And why have a dog if you just want to "not worry about them" all day, every day?  Weird.  So I wished her luck and told her to put up signs, and she finally left.  I won't mention to you, the paranoid thoughts of her cutting me open and taking my baby out of me while we were standing there talking.  ahem.  She just left though.

I keep trying to delete those last few lines, but really, I did wonder.  She was strange.

I love you and miss you so much, and I am so glad that it is almost time for you to be home with us.  Don't get complacent in your last days, and don't let your guys get complacent either.  Be over-safe!!  Come back already!