Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Luke is toothless! He finally lost the other tooth. It was hanging on by a thread, and I suggested he get a washcloth and try to pull it out. He said no, but he got one anyway. As he was walking in from wetting it, he said "MY TOOTH!" and sure enough his tooth was in his hand. This is the funnest picture I've seen of him in a while. I told him to smile for you, and so he did.
We love ya and miss ya!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! We had a nice relaxing day today, although the only time I sat when I was at the computer talking to you (and my mom, and sister!). When I was up, I was picking up tiny wrapping paper pieces, picking up cups, forks, washing dishes, picking up towels, putting away presents, and calling for the kids to put away presents. The kids were constantly on me to help them with this or that gift, and one was always waiting in line while I was helping another. I have put toghter more puzzles today than in the last 3 years, I believe. Luckily, they did not get a lot of gifts this year, so there wasn't a lot of messing around and trash and putting together. Whew. You were very much needed today! We all missed you, and can't wait for you to be here celebrating with us, in person, next Christmas. Adam even asked if you were going to be here
the next Christmas." I have to send Luke's hockey set back. The posts that go together to make the netting are messed up. Some of the ends are smashed down into an oval, instead of being a circle and they wont fit together correctly. I had it mostly together, but I could not force the ends together. Some of the ones I was able to force together cracked under the pressure. I think it is just defective. I'd rather send it back - otherwise it cannot really be used correctly.

We had tilapia and spaghetti squash for dinner. It was delicious and the baby enjoyed too, because s/he is wiggling around so much right now. It's funny how traditional dinners are just not all that important to me since you're not here. I feel bad in one way, since I'm not teaching tradition to the children, but at the same time, they barely eat any of it anyway, so it just seems easier to make what we'll all eat.

I took pictures with my beautiful new camera today. I have some snow pictures. I meant to take a picture of the huge snow drift in the front yard, but I forgot...and now it is dark. I'll get it tomorrow.

We miss your faraway self, and we love it too. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I heard this song on the radio today, driving to Topeka. I have not heard this song in a very long time. The truth of the lyrics made me really emotional. Hmph, pregnancy. Anyway, it was a good reminder to keep on keepin' on, and I thought I'd try to send some inspiration your way.

Love you and miss you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy, busy days.

Whew. Long week for us for some reason. I don't even remember all of what we did, but we were just so busy. Yesterday we had our homeschool potluck down the street at Malissa's house. It was nice - because it was so close to us, for once. We stayed until nearly 3pm. It was a lot of fun, and it was a relaxing atmosphere and a ton of good food. After that, we came back home, and picked up milk bottles and went and picked up our milk. Livea fell asleep on the way, so when we got home I turned the car off and told the kids "lets just all take a nap in the car and wait for Alexis to call." Alexis was calling for us to pick her up at another babysitting job she was at. Then she was going with us to Taekwondo and Target to help me help the kids Christmas shop. I seriously dozed in the front seat at Jenna quized me on her Pet Palz game. She was asking me questions every 12 seconds, and I was slurring answers out at her. At ten to 4 Alexis called. I finally got off my rear and put the milk in the house and then remembered I needed to wrap a gift for the Christmas party I was supposed to be going to...but wasn't. It was our coffee group party, but I had forgotten about the kids' Taekwondo lesson, and did not want to miss it the day before their belt test. I had already RSVPed that I'd go, and participate in the gift exchange so I had a "person" and all. I quickly wrapped the gift (a very pretty scarf for Brittany), grabbed some snacks and water for the kids and left to get Alexis in Forsythe housing on post. Then we headed over the Kelly's to drop the gift. Talked to Kelly for a few minutes, and then off we went to Taekwondo. We decided we needed to eat before shopping at Target, so we went to McDonald's, much to all the kids dismay; Alexis had a laugh about that one, saying she's never heard a kid complain about having to eat at McDonald's. I didn't really care for the choice either, but we were all starving, so it honestly wasn't that bad. Then Target. It was actually really fun, and very organized, and we all had a great time.

I told Alexis I'd keep each kid for 15 minutes, and then meet her back at a specific spot. I took Adam first. I asked him what he wanted to get the kids, and he knew exactly what he wanted to get everyone. He said he wanted to get Jenna Littlest Pet Shop; Luke Legos; and Livea he picked a paint by number in the $1 section - "because she loves to paint" - and she does. It took way less than 15 minutes for him to pick each item, and pay. It was amazing. I did not think that amazing would be repeated with any of the other kids.

I was completely wrong about that though.
I took Luke next, and he knew what he wanted to get everyone too. He said Livea likes Ni Hao Kay Lan (she does), and he wanted to get her that; Jenna, Littlest Pet Shop, and Adam he said something Transformer, but ended up getting him one of those metallic sounding microphones (that he wanted the other day when we were in another store), for like $1. It was fast, and easy.

Jenna was next - not so easy, but nearly as fast. She had no idea what she was going to get anyone, and her eyes wandered most of the time. She wasn't nearly as focused as the boys. They were excited to get gifts for the other kids, but Jenna had stars in her eyes looking at all the toys - I had to recenter her a few times by reminding her that we were here for others, not herself. She bought a puzzle for Livea, Legos for Luke and a Bakugan thing for Adam.

I gave the kids $15 each, and told them if they wanted to spend more, then they would have to use their own money. Jenna was the only one who went over, by $2 and some change, but not bad at all really.

I gave the kids $25 and told them they could go buy a gift for me with Alexis, and I took Livea to look for gifts for the kids. I did not really think that she would end up getting anything because she is just very little. The kids have all been doing puzzles lately though and when we got to the puzzles section, I couldn't pry her away and asked her if she wanted to get a puzzle for each of the kids. She picked (she really picked!) a LITTLEST PET SHOP for Jenna - surprise, surprise, so everyone knows Jenna likes LPS!!! Star wars for Adam, and an I Spy puzzle for Luke. She did very good. I am still shocked - and she stayed in budget without even knowing she had one, what a good little girl.

I bought a few little things for the boys' stockings, and we were done. It was so much fun, seriously - I get why people hire nanny's. It was just so easy, and so helpful, and nice. Even Alexis said she had fun (she tried to only take $5 from me when I paid her - and I owed her $20, saying it was so much fun, and she really didn't do much). She had made up a scavenger hunt for the kids the night before - a boy hunt and a girl hunt, so the kids just went around the store trying to find something "hello kitty," or a woman wearing brown shoes....... they had fun, and were occupied the entire time. I can't express how freeing it was to have her there, so I was able to take each child individually to pick gifts.

Adam fell asleep on the car ride home. We didn't get home until 10pm. Everyone brushed teeth, got undressed and went to sleep. I woke up at 8:45 this morning to a quiet house. Adam and Livea fast asleep in bed with me still. I think the day wore everyone out. Jenna and Luke woke up just minutes after I did, and Adam and Livea woke up a half an hour later.

I helped all the kids wrap their presents so they could put them under the tree, and no one has told anyone else what they bought them - yet. I thought for sure Livea would be the first to blurt "Here is your puzzle I got you Jenna!" But she hasn't said a word - I explained it to her that she had to keep it a secret at one point when she said "This is Jenna's puzzle???" I told her she had to not say that and just tell Jenna "this is your present Jenna" - because this is a surprise until Christmas, etc. So I think it sunk in.

Taekwondo testing was....long. Tiny Tigers tested at 2pm - Advanced class tested at 4pm. We were there for 3 hours. The boys' class tests in 20 minutes and they are done. Well, Jenna's class has black belts and red/black, and the red/black belt form is ALL 9 forms put together. I think it took them nearly 10 minutes to do their entire form....it just went on and on and on, and ON. I can't believe what they have to remember. Then there is sparring. Then there is weapons. Then there is board breaking. There is a LOT to Advanced testing.

Adam has been super squirmy lately. I warned him that he needed to sit still, like a black belt, all that....no talking at the wall, etc. What did it do? He talked with his neighbor at the wall, sat on his knees instead of cross-legged, wiggled and squirmed. I guess Jeremiah was sick on Thursday/Friday. D.C. taught the class yesterday. But she wasn't at the belt test. Jeremiah's teacher from MacPherson was there. 5th Degree Black Belt. Jeremiah said he gave D.C. his stomach bug, and she was at home sick. 5th-degree-black-belt-guy had to tell Adam to turn around and stop talking when he was trying to talk to them after their testing. He was sitting on his knees too. I don't know what his problem is - but he has just been annoyingly mischievous lately, and I am ready to put him in the next flat-rate box I send to you. :o)

The kids did good though, and we now have 2 camo belts, and a green belt. The boys have their sparring gear (uhh, cha-ching $$), and are excited to try it on. Jenna is dying to beat them up, uh, I mean spar "on them" as she puts it. ha. I think they're going to kick her butt. But don't tell her I said so.

I took the kids to Cracker Barrel for a celebratory dinner of breakfast. Now they are watching The Secret of Roan Inish. Liv fell alseep on the way home, it was nearly 7pm, I'm hoping she'll sleep all night, but I am not convinced really.

Do you even have time to read this much?

Here are pictures of the New Belts:

Love you and miss you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

20 Weeks

20 Weeks (yesterday) down, 20 more to go.

Well, technically 20 more to go anyway. I can't believe how basketballish-high looking my belly is. Has it always been like that? I need to go back and look at other pictures. I think it has been, but I don't quite remember, all my other pregnancies seem so long ago.

I had to shovel snow for an hour the other day, and I only did half the driveway. It was a great workout, and my forearms are sore from it. But a horrible reminder of how inactive I've been this pregnancy in comparison to most of the others.

I feel like March 12 is going to come to me so fast now. It seems like these 20 weeks have flown by already, and I can't believe it's just 20 more and I'm done with being pregnant and I'll be holding our baby in my arms. Does it seem fast to you too, or is time moving slow for you away from us? Are you taking pictures still? Are you writing in your journal still? I always forget to ask you when we talk on the phone.

So I've been writing lists to try to get ready for March, because to me it seems like it's just around the corner, and it is going to sneak up on me. First the lists were mental, and then as they became too great, I just had to start writing it all down to get it all out of my head and leave room for other information coming in. I can't find that same fishy pool we've always used during births. There is a slightly bigger one for quite a bit more money that I'll probably buy instead, but I am surprised they don't have that smaller one available anymore. Maybe I can wait until I am in Phoenix and just visit Toys R Us and see what they have in stock instead of paying more and shipping on top. If I do it right away I should have time if I still need to order online. Everything else is easy to get once I'm in Phoenix, for the most part.

Today I was sitting on the couch folding clothes while the kids were doing their workbooks. Suddenly I heard Lukas, in huge happy voice, say "I love Handwriting Without Tears so much that I'm going to cry!!" It was the funniest thing I have heard in days, I just sat on the couch and laughed with my laundry for a minute. What a joker. He cracks me up.

Well, it is getting later, and I have to go pick up milk, and get the kids to Taekwondo. We're going to look at Target and see if they have any sleds left too while we're in Manhattan. I hadn't been able to get a hold of anyone at Hildebrand Farms all week - the phone just rang and rang. So on my way home from Art class yesterday I drove over there. They were open. Their phone lines went down when the snow came in this week, and they hadn't been able to get them back up yet. I asked them if they had any extra raw milk, so they checked. Well I hadn't brought my bottles, because, well I guess I just wasn't being very prepared. SO I told them I'd go home and get them and bring them back. I didn't have cash either, or a checkbook, their only two forms of acceptable payment. So we went home, and I packed up the kids' uniforms, unloaded groceries, grabbed milk bottles, and headed back. I pulled into their parking lot and remembered I forgot cash. Arg. So I have to go get milk this morning, we are out. Their milk is the best. Better than JaKo, Inc. milk by FAR, Josh. You would even like it I think. I can sit there and drink a glass of milk for no reason except because it's good and refreshing. Anyway. That's my story. Oh, and then we had to drive back home because I forgot Jenna's sparring gear - and then they didn't even use it. Nice. Did I tell you all this on the phone already??? Everything is a blur yesterday.

We love you and miss you in this freezing cold weather!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Adam and Livea decided Livea needed a new haircut. I was reading to Jenna and Luke (school stuff) and the little ones went upstairs. They do this often, so it isn't something I worry about. They play together really well. Well................................!! Adam hacked the heck outta her hair. Livea helped somewhat, but Adam did most of it. I could not even bring myself to take a picture of her hair. The image burned into my memory is bad enough. I was really anxious the entire day about it. Christina's has a friend that does hair in her home, and I called her up and she let me come over at 4:15. Her hair doesn't look so bad in this picture - it's pretty cute actually, but this morning when she woke up, all the too-short hairs were standing straight up on the top of her head. Aye! There really isn't anything I can do with her hair now, I have tried ponies, and clips....it is just going to have to grow for a while. I was very upset with them. Poor Livea - she just cried and cried. Adam cried because I spanked him. Livea cried just because I was so upset with her. Later I asked her what she thought Daddy would think when she told him Adam cut her hair, and she said "Daddy will love it! Daddy will say he loves my new haircut when he comes home from Iwack!" So here it is. We wuv you and miss you vewwy much. ;o)

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