Monday, February 22, 2010



I haven't been very good about keeping up here.  I think I'll be better when our Giant computer is back home again.  He said it was overheating - and that was all.  He also cleared off all of the error code things (the 50-million!) that popped up when restarting - all but one he said.  He said he looked up our computer and I guess it has a high rate of overheating....either I could just leave the side off of the computer or he could install another fan for me.  So I just told them to install the fan.  Yay!  Once I get it back then I'll be able to actually get pictures off my camera, and maybe I'll be more motivated to keep you up-to-date here.
The kids were looking at picture albums today and found this one.  "Why is Daddy kissing you, Mommy??"  Adam wanted to know.  There were a few pictures like that one, and they all thought they were pretty funny.  Personally, I like it.  So I thought I'd post it here, since I know you don't have a lot of pictures of us there - maybe you can copy it and add it to your computer.

I got the hutch moved into the kitchen last night, and I still have a pile of uhh, junk mostly, that needs to be thrown in the trash put away.  I'm not feeling the motivation to do it so much, but I am going to as soon as I am done here.

We cancelled our midwife-meetup as well as Jenna's ortho appointment.  Rescheduled the latter for next week.  Not sure about when we're rescheduling the midwife yet.  So we are staying in our warm house today, cleaning, doing school, and just staying out of the snow.

I had a dream that someone stole our new car.  I felt horrible because I had left the spare keys in the glove-box (where they really still are).  I woke up and checked; car is still in the driveway.

Dog is already driving me nuts today, and I am ready to send her out into the cold.  I so am not a dog person.  Now that I switched the small table back into the kitchen she walks around the table in circles waiting for food to fall on the floor - or not waiting and just licking up the crumbs that fall on the chairs - pushing their chairs all around as she moves about.  Maybe most people would be glad the dog is licking up crumbs, but it really just bugs me that she is licking the chairs.  Yuck.  Plus, she is tall enough that her head is above the table, and so she can easily lick the top of the table or grab food right off.  Dogs are not fun; dogs are not fun; dogs are not fun.  But - I think I am just generally in some kind of bad mood today because the kids are on my nerves today as well.  I feel bad - it's not like it's their fault, they aren't doing anything out of the ordinary, but when they do it, it is like it is the worst thing ever, to me. lol.  They are almost done with school, and after that we are having a very free day with the television ON. =)

Everyone misses you.  Most especially, probably the dog because I am probably only nice to her for 5 minutes of every week. ;o)

Everyone says "I wish Daddy were home....because...." close to every day.  You are missed!
Love you and miss you tons and more.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

For You

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kansas City//28 weeks

Well, Kansas City was a quick trip this time, but it was still fun anyway.  The kids all had a ton of fun.  Besides the mess of the house-alarm going off on the way out, and then yesterday morning, that was a tad distracting, it we all had a really good time.

Friday night we went out to a local pizza place which was quite tasty.  Then we went back and just hung out at Kurt and Heather's house, chatting it up 'til way too late.  Livea kept getting up on Kurt's lap, and he started scratching her back at one point and she just loved it.  She looked like his little pet up there getting scratched.  It was really funny.

The baby shower was very nice.  A ton of people, ton of food, ton of fun, ton of gifts.  It was a really  nice shower.

Jenna even won a game!

The boys had a ton of "man time' with Kurt, as Kurt put it.  They went glow-in-the-dark golfing, which they have been dying to do for some time as you know.  Kurt said it was 36 holes!!  They went the distance!  And I can't forget to mention that they got soda afterward.  They both mentioned this several times to me.  They thought that was really special evidently.
When they got home, they played with Legos, and Playmobile toys for a while.  After most of the guests cleared out Kurt put video games on for them again, and Adam is so dang cute - check it out!  I am not sure if he is just adorable and loving, or controlling and holding him there so he doesn't get away with the remote. ;o)

I have a cute picture of Heather and I that someone took, we're back to back with our belly's protruding.  I will have to ask Heather to send that picture to me so I can post it for you.

I can't wait to be in Kansas City with YOU.  Fourth of July, baby!  What a fun tradition!  I'm already so excited about going there for the Fourth.

Here is my 28 week picture, I was 28 weeks Friday.

My ankles were swollen for the first time yesterday - maybe the drive home, maybe not drinking enough water during the shower, maybe standing all day, maybe not drinking enough, standing all day and the drive home all together....  I hate the swollen ankle days, and I am hoping it was just a bad combination and I am not ready to have swollen ankles yet!

It's getting so close for you to come home (already? seriously???).  The middle part was so hard, and we're so close to the end....I just can't wait for you to be with us again.

I love you and miss you so much!!