Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trek into the dust storm.

I forgot to post my pictures from when Julie and I went out to watch UFC last weekend.  We started out going to some place called FuNuGyz (pronounced Foo-noo-geez), but they charged a $5 cover, and we were feeling cheapish.  We called Padres Murphy's and they said there was plenty of seats available still.  So we went there instead.  On our drive over we got slammed by the dust storm that everyone likes to call a "Haboob" now.  I don't love that, so I just still call it a dust storm.  I was trying to make Julie post the first picture to Facebook as we're driving and she was having a cow because she doesn't know how to use a smart-phone.  She kept calling it a dumb phone and I had to keep helping her, and then she was yelling at me that I was going to crash us.  Really, she is just jealous because she wants a smart-phone.
Amazing.  And we were headed straight into it.

So pretty though!

We hit a patch of dirt RIGHT when Julie was posting this picture, so she was looking down - we were passing ASU West and I saw it coming and squeaked.  Of course, right after I squeaked I said "oh no!" and right after I said "oh no!". Julie looked up, and the giant clod of dirt hit us so that we could see absolutely nothing but brown for about ten seconds.  It was quite exciting, in my opinion, but she was asking for the nearest bathroom (ha, she'd kill me if she ever read this, and really she never asked for a bathroom, but she was not laughing, like I was)!

We finally turned north.  The wind was blowing NNW, and Julie took another photo - it looks better than it was, in the picture.  It was very dark, and dirty (no pun intended of course) - the picture doesn't do it justice.

Maybe it does look pretty bad.

Sunday, Jeanette and the boys came over and we made nachos and went hiking.

They were all just standing here like this.  I couldn't help but take a picture!

We are planning to hike again this weekend.  Love ya.

Liv Leigh has shingles.

Here she is sleeping before swim class because I gave her Benadryl for her "rash."  We went to my mom's to have her look at it, and three minutes later here is Livea sleeping:

So Liv's ER experience was not so bad.  They are so nice at Mendy's Place.  I love them.  Here she is waiting for the doctor to come in (watching television!):

She enjoyed her hospital bracelet and gown.  She wanted to take the gown home.

The rash is actually hard to capture quite right on camera, and it is pretty mean looking today, and she had trouble sleeping last night because it was hurting her.  She took some Advil before bed.  All the kids wanted to sleep in my bedroom last night on blankets, but she moved into her own bed sometime during the night.  She said her back was hurting her.  She also is saying that her underarm on that side is burning - no rash there (yet), but maybe it will come? I don't know.

It starts at the center of her ribcage, and extends all the way around and stops just before her spine.

Kids have two more days of swim.  I have a pile of pictures and videos of them swimming and diving to post for you.  Hopefully, I'll get to it this weekend.  Miss you tons, and love you tons more.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Maybe you should call ME, baby?

Hey, baby. Sorry I haven't gotten up the videos of the kids diving yet.  Still working on it for you.  So here is something to sideline ya.

I have no idea if you even know this song since it's fairly, newly popular.  So if you don't, listen to this:

There are a ton of remakes.  Julie, the kids and I stumbled upon them last weekend while on YouTube.  Here are our favorites, so I hope you have a few minutes.

So, all this to say that today your cousin (Melanie) posted a remake that some guy did with the Marines that are currently in Afghanistan.  It's really not as good as Obama, or Cookie Monster (in my unprofessional opinion), but it is entertaining to me because the guys are deployed, and it had to have been pretty funny to take the time to do such a silly thing.  Miss you, love you more. <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Tried getting good fireworks shots, but none turned out great.
We made tasty cookies.
Happy 4th!  I'm late about it, I know.  It was a happy 4th, as happy as it could be without you here of course.  Downtown fireworks were, as usual.  Julie, Davis and I were together.  None of us had spouses with us.  Kind of funny.  Just us and our kids.  I made a giant amount of boy scout popcorn, with salt and plenty of artery-clogging butter.  I bought cupcakes too, but those didn't make it out of the house - we ate them before we left, and I decided that was a better idea when even I had to wash up after eating it.  The kids had swim lesson, and it rained during their entire lesson.  Lessons were never canceled, though.  It was beautiful, all day.  From hot as Hades, to almost chilly - and then today - back to  Or maybe just  It wasn't as warm today as it has been.  Still yuck though.  I missed being with the Webers.  They missed us too.  They said to tell you to hurry up and be done.  No. Not really.

I tried taking pictures, but it was pretty dark.  I don't know why there aren't any pictures of Julie's kids.  I should have done a group shot with all of us.  I'm bad about pictures in my old age.  I figured out that my phone actually has a flash on it though, what a concept, eh.  Kind of causes problems when I'm trying to take a photo of myself since my arms are only so long - which is why that last picture is very bright looking.
He's making this face on purpose.

She probably won't want to know this picture is online, but I like.
I tried taking this picture three times.  This is the best one.  Livea had her eyes closed in all three.

This is the third or fourth I tried to take of us.  This was also the best one.  Adam kept making faces on purpose, and when Liv figured it out she decided to help.  I was laughing at them both.

I miss you when you can't skype me.  Stop making your wife lonely over here. ;o)  Love you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

bathing beauty

Liv after swim lessons - she lays out every day.  Who'da thunk.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

lets get it started, in here

Do you think I should clean this up?  It is getting a little crowded.
Lamp. After sun lotion (Liv had a slight sunburn two weeks ago).  Blue lego.  Pencil. $20 bill. Pony tail (two). Remote. Wine bottle (working on finishing that tonight).  Glass of wine (working on that too).  Water (working on).  Les Mis (work in long progress).  Lavender oil.  Bracelet with earrings attached.  Pass the Pigs game.  Random Parchesi token.  The Abhorsen Trilogy (borrowed from Julie, but haven't even started it yet).  Did I miss anything?  This is too much stuff.  My phone is usually there too, but it's on the bed right now, with me.

ohh, Liv.

Livea: Mommy, I think I know the very bad "F" word.
Me: You do? Who told you that?
Livea: I don't know.
Me: Well how do you know it's so bad?
Livea: I don't know. It just know it is.
Me: Okay, well whisper it in my ear.
Livea: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, go ahead.
Livea, whispering in my ear: "Freak."
Me: Oh, yes, that is very bad. Don't say that.