Sunday, August 30, 2009

eat it, it's good for you!

Last night I made a Dr. Sears recipe from The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood. I love this book, and I love the recipes in it. I read it a few years ago when we lived in Hawaii. So they share their family recipes at the end of the book, and there is one that is called Cheesy Pie. I made it first when we lived in Hawaii.

I love it. It is a bit like a quiche, as it has eggs in it, and I think maybe everyone would like it better without, but I love eggs too, so everything about this recipe calls to me. Well, I don't think I've made this dish in a little more than a year. So last night, having all of the ingredients on hand (wow!), I whipped the dish up real quick-like. Luke has Saturday dinner details, so he helped every step of the way, and 9 times out of 10 when he helps cook he will eat his dinner. Something about helping to make the food increases the likeability factor. I'm not sure why. So Livea ate every single bite of hers, and had second helpings. Everyone else took 3 bites and, incredibly enough, they were FULL. Hmmm. I said "Luke, do you like the dinner you made?", he said "YAH, I love it", but I see he only ate 3 bites, and then everyone cried when I told them they weren't having any other dinner, but then they decided they didn't care as long as they didn't have to eat anymore.

I have to admit. I was really mad about it. I just can't see what is so bad about it. Turkey is pretty bland, and the entire dish needs salt to lend it a more full flavor..... but....but....but.... it's not that bad people!!! Yes, I was mad. I was mad at our silly little kids for not eating their healthy dinner. I told the boys that they would have to eat it for breakfast, that is how mad I was. So this morning, Adam promptly reminded me, rice chex bowl of cereal in front of him, "Mommy, you said we had to eat our dinner for breakfast this morning," ha.ha. ha. ha. I told him I changed my mind, and that I was just mad that they didn't like it.

Hmph. I am thinking about making it for like 3 weeks straight. Little spoiled, pickies.

It's not that bad!! I like it!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The kids all did great at Taekwondo today. I wish you could have been here to see them. Adam was so excited for Jenna when he saw her with her yellow belt, he ran to her and hugged her and told her "good job, Jenna!", it was so sweet of him!!

I made a 48 mini-pizzas on English muffins for the pot luck afterwards. They were a big hit, and gone in no time. Mostly people brought fried chicken, and Pizza Hut Pizza's. I am surprised there wasn't 50 taco's from Taco Bell, or 20 McDonald's cheeseburgers laying on the table too. There were 3 trays of enchiladas, not as good as mine, but they all went very fast, and I didn't get to taste D.C.'s, and they looked the tastiest.

Their house is beautiful, and set right behind where we got the kids' pictures taken. I loved their house - the size was perfect for us. I don't know how big it was, but it was Our Size. It wasn't gigantic, but it was perfect for a family of 6, with 4 growing kids.
We miss you!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Beginning

It was awful leaving you at "work" last night. The kids all asleep, oblivious to what it is going to be like for the next year. I am probably somewhat naive in it all too, for that matter.

The dog decided to puke on the way home, I was so disgusted. I had to roll down the windows and then the kids all woke up because it was too chilly for them in the car. But the smell was outrageous, and I couldn't stand rolling the windows back up. They all had their blankets anyway so they were okay. It was somewhat helpful because they were awake when we got home and I didn't have to carry Jenna and Luke in the house. Whew!

I almost started crying on the way out the gate. But my blurred-eyes scared me enough to suck it up and push the tears aside so that we wouldn't crash on the way home. Plus, I thought that if I started crying, I might just not ever stop.

I miss you so much already!