Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Go Dirty Chicas

So, honestly.  I mean, honestly - I really was kind of scared worried about the mud run.  I thought for sure it was too hard, and too cold, and definitely, definitely, too muddy.  I was worried about what to wear.  I was worried I was going to be too cold.  I was worried I was going to fall off a wall and die a painful and untimely death while my husband was 8000 miles away.  At the same time, I really knew that it wasn't going to be scary, or horrible and that it'd most likely be...uhhh...what...?  Fun.  And:  It was totally fun.

Stayed up way too late Friday night, for no reason.  Got up early, made kids awesome breakfast, made myself coffee.  Ate a bite or two of eggs, just cause.  Drank all my coffee.  Drank some water.  Got dressed.  Braided some hair.  Sprayed it pink.  Drove, and drove.  Waited some.  Checked in.  Got a shirt, and necklace.  Checked backpack.  Potty breaked in one of the ten gazillion portapots: beautiful.  Pretty soon we were taking pictures and standing around, and then we hear the DJ/event guy calling us out, asking where we're at.  Uh, oops.  We head over, and wait.  They're playing music at the start line, and the waves are every 15 minutes.  We get some pictures taken again and we wait a few minutes, and.....we're off..........

Had the funnest time ever doing it as a group.  I don't think I'd ever want to do a mud run alone.  But I didn't just love it.  I super loved it.  It was not too challenging, in fact, I think there could have been a few obstacles that were more challenging.  Although, they did have tall fences, and shorter ones (hey, I picked the tall ones).  There was definitely a lot of mud, but after you slog through a few trenches, after you were full of mud, it was much the same and it didn't really matter much.  Still waiting for photos from the professionals that were hired for the event - they said maybe by Friday they'd be up.  A one of the girls took pictures, so here are some to make fun of enjoy.

Dirty Chicas at the Start Line!

Just keep running.  Just keep running,.  Running, running, running. What do we do, we run, run.  I'm actually in this picture, you can see like 1/4 of my face if you're looking really good and hard.

Giant wall-a-bounce-thing.  It was definitely easiest to just sorta bounce up this, as well as down.  I'm in this picture too. It's like Where's Waldo? - Can ya find meh?

Climbing up.....

.....and DONE.
Last splash through gunk, err, FUN.  Yah, FUN.  Actually, it was loads of fun.  And some event woman at the end told us to go back through and get dirtier.  So uh, we did................................................................................
.......and.......Bleh.  Mud in teeth.  Mud on gums.  Mud in ears. Mud in eyes.  Mud in nose.  Mud in all the places covered by clothing, too.  Lovely, muddy, mud, mud.  It's not delicious.  In case you wondered.  Now you know.
We love mud though, see?  Happy smiles!
More happy.
And more happy.  So happy I'm biting my bottom lip off.  Yah, not sure. Lisa and Carisa look super cute though, so I had to add this retard one of me in.  Lips still attached to me, so it's okay....

Awesome, fun, lovely mud.  You know what is pretty sweet about mud?  Totally washes off.

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