Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Are the Champions

Gotta be doing something right when you hear this conversation from afar:
(Adam finished his homework and I told him he could play video games)
Adam: No, don't come in here.
Luke: Mumbling-stuff-I-can't-quite-hear.
Adam:  No, you can't come in here until you finish your homework.  It's not allowed.
Luke: Okay, I'll go and finish my homework.

True story - just happened.

Saturday was the boys' football tournament.  The girls did not want to go so Julie took them for the day.  I had fun hangin' with my boys.  Ethan super-loved football day.  He kept asking, "when is my game?" and he says "when I grow up, I'm gonna be a football star."

So we got up and got the girls over to Julie's place by 7:30am.  I was going to try to stop at the grocery and get something decent for breakfast, but Jack in the Box it was.  It was delicious at the time, but then after we ate McDonald's for lunch, I just felt sick for the rest of the afternoon.  Adam's team lost their games right off, and didn't get to even play for the bronze medal.  He got to be quarterback quite a few times, and pulled many a flag.  He was super upset that they lost.  He is very competitive.  I was totally thinking that Luke's team would follow suit and we'd have an early departure.  Boy was I ever wrong.  Luke's team did spectacular.  His games were very exciting, and he had a great time.  The Gold Medal game was really good.  They played against Archway Trivium, which is the school in Goodyear.  That team was very good, and the game was a close one.  It was very exciting for them to win, it being their first year playing together as a team.  They all are very excited that they won the Trophy that will be displayed at their school.  The boys will also get gold medals with their school name on it.

Go North Phoenix Argonauts, #28 and #70!

Adam in action!
The Champs!

I tried for action shots of Luke, but every time I took pictures he went behind someone, or someone got in my way.  My amazing Nikon, I think, might be out of commission.  I have pictures on there to look at so maybe I have some action shots of him.  I have some of Ethan too.  I might just need a new lens.  Every time I would zoom in everything would blur up.  It was working fine on Adam's birthday so I'm not sure what is going on with it.

They really missed you on their day, and said several times that they wished you were there.  I told them we'd get the pictures up right away for you.  And voila, I actually did it. ;o)  Love you much.

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