Thursday, November 1, 2012

Livea's Letter

Dear Daddy,

Hi Daddy, I am going to tell you about Adam's birthday party.  Um, we did lots of games. They were really fun.  My favorite one was the last one.  And you had to put some tight things on your head and there was a ball in it and um, you had to put it on your head and there was water bottles and so you had to swing it and you had to get that water bottles knocked down.  All of them.  I knocked down all of them but two.  Adam just ran into them to knock them down when time was up, to help me.

Daddy, once for school we were on Apple and we made cheese and apples and made it an apple sandwich.  And it was really good.  Daddy, would you like that?

Daddy, we went to Halloween and I got so much candy and my bag is really heavy.  And we went to tons of doors.  And Mommy got me a witch costume.  It was black and really long.  And Mommy painted my face green with her green eyeshadow.  We put some lipgloss on and we put sparkly green eyeshadow on my lips and it was really fun.  And Mommy put mascara on me.  We are going to send you candy because we have too much.  Mommy says it's too much, but I think I got a lot, but I'm giving some to you.

At Adam's birthday party we put helium in balloons and put a string on it.  I liked that, it was really fun.  And we even got to suck up some helium that was left in the big bottle.

I miss you, Daddy.  I love you a lot.  I want you to come home.  I love you.

(so cute! she typed her own name!)

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